NITTO.AMSTERDAM believes in the disruption & revolutional way of producing textiles and textile items. Designed and produced specially for you! NITTO produces only very limited series and on demand, so you get your ultra personalized items exactly as you love them


NITTO works on future business models in textiles. Local production and (more) sustainable production methods and materials we believe are very important. Together with personal styles and meaningful products, designed and produced specially for the individual taste.

Tirza Brems founded NITTO.Amsterdam, after a huge and successful career in retail buying and innovation development mostly for textiles concepts. With all her experience and know how she created a team of textile designers and producers, who are all striving for the very best quality, both in design and in the final execution of your product.

NITTO.AMSTERDAM is co-founder of the innovation initiatives like the KNIT-O-MAT & De Breihub

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