With the concepts of NITTO.Amsterdam presented during the 9 days of the Dutch Design Week 2016 the advantages and possibilities of 3D-knitted textiles for:

1) Upholstery: covers completely knitted in shape, Like the Divia of Felicerossi
2) Designed covers for existing chairs, giving a personal and sustainable make-over to your favorite chair
3) Accessoiries, like laptop sleeves, clutches and bags
And at the same time we presented the work of 3 very different designers and 2 experienced knitters!!

During the exhibition our main topic was the future Field Lab: Kntting on Demand. The KNIT-O-MAT.
We were invited to present our story during the Drive Festival at Natlab. Organized with Clicknl about the future of UPPS in Fashion & Textiles.
The audience of design professionals and educators was very excited. 

The poistion of the KNIT-O-MAT-stand was great! About 295.000 visitors came to the Dutch Design Week 2016.
Lots of them have seen NITTO.Amsterdam & KNIT-O-MAT.